Task Manager: Convenient Solution for All Your Store Tasks

Minimize the hassle and focus on what matters with Salext Retail Task Management Module.

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A Simpler Way to Do Retail Store Tasks

Your store will never be the same again; get the most out of your team with Salext Retail Task Management Module.

Problem solving

Work Together to Accomplish Daily Goals

Empower your store's employees to feel like they're part of a team and connect with their coworkers. The Salext Task Manager allows everyone on the team to understand what their role is, and how it fits into the bigger picture of what's going on in the store.


Organize Your Tasks and Keep Track of Them

Organizing your store and employee tasks for the day can effectively reduce the time it takes for to complete tasks and fulfill orders while helping your employees work more efficiently and effectively by ensuring that no steps are left out when completing a task.

User Friendly

Employee Tasks Can Be Set Up by Managers

Keep track of how much time each individual employee spends on their tasks. This will help make sure that everyone is spending enough time doing what they need to do and not getting overwhelmed by too much work at once.


Maintained Store Condition

Performing store checks on a regular basis is not a hassle anymore. This is useful for retail store owner's innovation to improve their customer service, increase profits, and keep their store in good condition. Stay organized and stay on top of store operations with Salext.

Change your ways into a Salext way to do retail store tasks.

simple, efficient, and effective.

Shopping at retail stores can be quite a hassle sometimes. You have to juggle multiple tasks, from inventory management to customer service, and it’s not always easy to keep track of everything.

Salext Task Manager Module is here to help you

lessen your loads and save a huge amount of your time. With our convenient solution, you can easily organize your retail store tasks so you don't miss a beat.

task assigning
salext store check

It includes tools such as task prioritization and deadline tracking so that you can manage what needs to be done quickly and efficiently.

Plus, we ensure that it will allow you to proactively identify areas of improvement while also tracking any existing issues that may have gone unnoticed right away without making any manual counts.

Get More Dones than To-Dos with Salext Today

Salext is your personal tech task manager that can make it easier for you to assign, manage, prioritize, and complete tasks that will help you achieve your daily business goals. 

Get our Task Manager Module and start the difference today!

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