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What is Salext?

With today's opportunities, it is unnecessary to have to sit in the back room to do tasks the employee should do on the store floor. Salext enables you as a Retailer to communicate directly with your employees. Facilitate increased efficiency and customer dialogue with the help of our flexible platform.

What you get


Use the software whenever you want. With IOS and Android apps. To accomplish your do goals.


Learn your customer and employees. Track changes and tailor your workflow based on insights.

User Friendly

Recognizable and user-friendly web interface. And apps to IOS and Android.


Display KPI´s to trigger the employees.


Create unique way of communicating with your employees. They are able to perform any task at any place at any time.

Problem solving

Multi way feedback to solve problems. 

about SALEXT

Get your team on the same page

Experience a better way of working

Task Manager

Task Manager

Set up tasks for the store and employees. Follow up that planogram and campaigns are carried out as planned. Get feedback when a task is completed and see who signs up for more tasks. During the working day, it is easy for the employee to follow that all tasks have been done in between sales.

Poster module

Poster Printing

Scan and Print. Scan a product and send it to the printer. Add icons in a user friendly way as you are familiar with on SoMe.
Publish pre-made campaign content for easy production. 

Stock checking

Stock Checking

Make stock correction or inventory count. Easy scanning on the fly.

Digital Signage

Digital Signage

Control all digital monitors in your chain. Make local adjustments to local conditions. Download directly finished content or create content using the built-in template designer.

Publish to channels, single screens or regions via direct publishing or the scheduler.

Sales Module

Sales Module

Do you want to help customers and end the purchase in the store?
With the sales module, you can check product information, inventory and create a shopping cart for the customer in the store. Create a more personal customer dialogue. Enroll them into your loyalty program and make the customer pay on the go with either Vipps, Card or Financing.Utilize the entire store and create less queues in the checkout area.


Challenge Module

Are you competitive?
Create challenges based on product or budget and let all employees sign up for available challenges themselves. Store to store or person to person, locally in store or across the chain. Healthy and fun competition increases sales!


Stat Module

Statistics are important for increasing sales and earnings. Create different Dashboards with unique KPIs for sales, counters, customer metrics, zones and conversions. Maybe the shop owner want´s to drill down on some numbers. Let him do it. Use this to engage and inspire increased sales.


Everything you’ll need.

Everything you need to make your employees the best versions of themselves.

“Salext is commerce on steroids. Thanks to their sales module, customers are much happier with their shopping experience. When the pandemic hit, Salext made it easy to adapt to the new situation."

Espen Taraldsen, Chief Operating Director at Elektroimportøren


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