8 reasons you need a mobile POS system for your store

8 reasons you need a mobile POS system for your store

When running a retail business, points-of-sale is necessary. The POS system has been developed in a manner that helps the customer retain more data, thereby reducing costs. How do stores operate from home? How can I save money on POS hardware? Mobile Point of Sale systems helps stores improve customer retention by utilizing a mobile device, tablet or smartphone. So businesses can reduce upfront costs while still enjoying good POS software for their businesses.

Easy to onboard new customer to loyality programs

Customer retention

Perhaps the biggest benefit of using a mobile POS system is customer service. Customer profiles can be linked in the software, letting you set up new customers on the fly for your reward program. You can easily track customer purchase history and preferences, which can help you better understand their needs and offer them tailored deals and promotions. This helps create a more personalized shopping experience and you can treat them like family when they visit your store.

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Cost savings

Traditional POS systems require hardware like terminals, barcode scanners and receipt printers, which can be expensive to purchase and maintain. Mobile POS systems use existing tablets or smartphones, so you can save on upfront costs while still enjoying all the features of a good POS system. You don't need to worry about carrying around bulky equipment when all of this power is in one handheld device!

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One of the best things about mobile POS systems is that they are portable. This means you can take them with you wherever you go as long as you have access to a mobile device. With a mobile POS system, all you need is a tablet or smartphone and an internet connection, either through WiFi or 4g or 5g. This helps reduce upfront costs while still providing you with powerful POS software for your business.

Easy to scale


Mobile POS systems are very scalable, so you can easily add or remove features as your business needs change. Do you need to add a local payment provider? Just add it to the digital checkout. You can even add new stores and change inventory based on GPS. This makes them very flexible and easy to customize. New employee management just buy a new mobile device and download the mobile pos solutions app.

Product info with digital checkout

Ease of use

MobilePOS solutions can be viewed in a simple way or through an intuitive user interface. This will also improve your employees' ability to learn the software, speed up transaction processing speed and improve your system efficiency. Many smartphones offer electronic payment system options, which allow customers receive a checkout page by push or via text message. Eliminating the need to go to the physical checkout area will help the team take orders on the store floor while guiding the customer to make the purchase.

Digital checkout on phone

Multiple payment options in-store

With the digital checkout from Salext mPos systems, we can offer retail businesses multiple payment solutions. Payment providers are developing rapidly, and Salext is ahead of the curve, offering businesses the option to accept a wide range of payment types. From credit card processing with providers such as VISA and Mastercard, as well as mobile wallets like Apple Pay and Android Pay to local providers Vipps, Mobile Pay and Swish, we have you covered. With Salext, businesses can streamline their check-out process and provide their customers with the convenience they crave. Contact us today to learn more about how our mPos systems can benefit your business.

digital Receipt on phone

Digital Receipt

With a mobile POS system, you can send digital receipts directly to your customer's email or phone. This helps save paper and is more environmentally friendly. Plus, it's just one less thing for your customers to have to worry about.

Easy to use Operations Dashboard with KPI´s

Transparent operations and KPI´s

POS systems need information. These mobile applications offer valuable information and transparency to the business. This allows you to better understand how your employees are using technology and how to keep your customers in mind when you report to them. Mobile POS systems offer Retail managers an easy way to monitor operation even while the operator isn't in the area of the store.

Backoffice management on a MAC

Backoffice with Customer management

Easy to use web-based backoffice.

Mobile POS systems offer great options for big retail stores as well as smaller shops. It has an excellent price-performance advantage over the typical POS system and is easy to use. Of course, it can be used in the field allowing retailers to open pop-up stores, at fairs, markets or other remote places.

SaleXT - Mobile POS System

If you're looking for a POS system that is both affordable and easy to use, then a mobile POS system is the way to go. Mobile POS systems offer several advantages over traditional POS systems, and they can help you boost sales and save money. In particular, mobile POS systems are great for businesses that want to take advantage of modern technology and improve customer service.

If you're interested in learning more about how a mobile POS system can benefit your business, contact us today. We would be happy to discuss your options and help you choose the right system for your needs.

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